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Qingdao Rentone Hose Co., Ltd. is one of China’s most professional rubber hose manufacturers. It was established in 2000. After years of development, we have become a leading rubber hose company in manufacturing, R&D, and sales. Our products have been exported to over 30 countries and won a high reputation. We have established long-term business relationships with global customers. Rentone Hose has always pursued being a professional rubber hose manufacturer and hose solution provider.

What We Have?

  • Advanced Production Lines: Our lines include an imported steel wire braided hose production line, steel wire spiral production line, high-speed fiber, and wire braiding production line. It also has the Taiwan Go-tech testing machine and Italian Bilma impulse test stand. 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Qingdao Rentone Hose manufacturing company has first-rate rubber hose manufacturing technology and high-standard R&D laboratories. At the same time, we build high-standard laboratories and a professional technical team. We focus on technological innovation and independent research and development. It has established stable cooperative relationships with many universities and institutions.
  • High-Quality Products: Our rubber hose products align with ISO, GB, DIN, SAE, GOST, and other international standards. Our technical team can also offer onsite service based on customers’ requirements. We can design and produce various non-standard products. Our products have been exported to many countries with excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Experienced After-sale Service Team: At Rentone, we insist that the value of products is greater than that of transactions at the time of purchase. As one of the top hose makers in China, we aim to provide enduring quality and reliability. The most important thing is unparalleled after-sales service. Our after-sales service team has 20 people. We strive to interact with our customers. Rentone Hose adheres to strict testing standards and takes timely improvement measures.

Reliable Hose Displays

These are our most popular hoses. Based on industry standards, we always put safety and quality first. As one of China’s most popular rubber hose manufacturers, Rentone has always been strict with itself with the highest demands. We are committed to producing custom rubber hose products for various working environments and industries. We can be your long-term hose supplier in a beneficial relationship.

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Production Advantage Bringing Your Ideas into Reality

Rentone hose company can keep transparent relation with our valuable clients. We believe in our ability to provide you with the best flexible rubber hose and fittings.


Quality Guarantee


Advanced machines make our hose quality more guaranteed. As an excellent hose manufacturer, we require consistent quality for our products. You can contact us if you have any quality problems.


Profession Guarantee


We are a professional hose supplier. We have passed ISO 9001 certification. Rentone’s products are produced under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


Innovation Guarantee


Over the years, we have been striving to keep pace with the times. Understand their needs in communicating with customers. Extract helpful information. We will continue to improve our work.


Price Guarantee


We didn’t jack up the price just because of the high quality. Our prices are in line with product quality while being competitive.


Diversity Guarantee


Rentone produces a wide variety of hoses. These include industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, oil hoses, gas hoses, and PVC hoses. They are used in various fields.


Environment Guarantee


We are one of the leading hose manufacturers in China. We will not unthinkingly pursue output while ignoring the responsibility to protect the environment. We shoulder the mission of being responsible to our customers and fulfilling our obligation to protect the environment.

Application Field


Swimming Pool Equipment



Heavy Industry

Oil Industry

We have more than 30 experienced employees. Among them are 5 professional foreign experts. They guide the factory to continuously upgrade our equipment and infrastructure. This takes our professionalism a step further.



What Our Happy Clients Say!

Our customers are located in more than 30 countries around the world. More than 90% of customers give us positive feedback. We firmly believe that excellent quality will make us more and more repeat customers.

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