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Air Hose Manufacturer

As one of the rubber air hose manufacturers, Rentone Hose can supply the best air hoses for our global customers. The company has introduced cutting-edge manufacturing technology and equipment. It allows the operation of many industrial air hose lines. Rentone Hose can also offer custom and bulk air hose services for specific applications and industries.

Rentone Hose can manufacture various types of air hoses. They can meet industry standards and specifications. Industrial air hoses include flexible air hoses, high-pressure air hoses, air-pressure hoses, and pneumatic air hoses. With a decade of industry experience and skilled technicians, we have become a reliable air hose supplier.

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Features of Air Hoses

  1. Premium Material Selection: The air hoses are fabricated with superior synthetic rubber materials. Such as NBR and CR. These materials have good abrasion, oil, grease, and high-temperature resistance. They can fit all kinds of environments and fluid mediums.
  2. Inner Lining Layer: It can prevent direct contact between the rubber and the fluid medium and extend the service life of the air hoses.
  3. Reinforced Layer Design: The reinforcement layer boasts high strength and pressure resistance capabilities. It is constructed with high-tensile fiber materials or steel wire braided. It helps to withstand the stretch and twist in high-pressure and heavy-duty applications.
  4. Outer Protective Layer: The outer layer is made of abrasion-resistant and anti-UV materials for extra guard effect. The materials can prevent damage or radiation from exposure to the external environment or UV light. So it can extend the service life of the air hose.

Air Hoses Benefits

  • Excellent Resistance to High And Low Pressure: It can withstand high-pressure applications to ensure stable air flow.
  • Highly Flexible And Kink Resistant: Excellent bending performance to suit various working environments and layouts of equipment. It is not easy to crack or damage, and it extends the service life of the air hose.
  • Excellent Durability And Abrasion Resistance: It can remain flexible after long-term use. It is resistant to high temperature, high pressure, and aggressive chemicals. And the air hoses can reduce the risks of leakage and malfunction.
  • Easy to Install And Maintain: It can connect with various couplings and fittings. Regular checks and cleaning make it easy to maintain and extend its lifespan.
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Applications of Air Hoses

Air hoses are essential for a wide range of applications and industries. Such as construction, aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical production, and food manufacturing.

Different Types of Air Hoses

  • Standard Air Hose
  • Rubber Air Hose
  • PVC Air Hose
  • Reinforced Air Hose
  • High-Pressure Air Hose
  • Heat Resistant Air Hose
  • Food Grade Air Hose
  • Specialty Air Hose

Why Choose Us As Your Air Hose Manufacturer?

  • Advanced Technology: The company uses advanced manufacturing equipment. We can ensure all air hoses are produced per industry standards and specifications.
  • Custom Air Hoses: We offer custom air hose services according to customer requirements and specifications.
  • Brilliant Manufacturing Capabilities: The company has experience in the manufacturing and production of air hoses for a decade. It lets us know more about the market trend and supply high-quality, affordable air hoses. So we can meet our global customers’ expectations.
  • On-time Delivery: We will arrange production according to the order priority and deliver the finished products to our customers by air express as soon as possible. After the goods are shipped, we will update the customer with the tracking number. We track every step of the shipment until the goods are successfully delivered to the end user.


A rubber air hose is also known as a pneumatic hose. It is designed to transport air or other gases from a compressor to the pneumatic tools or other designated locations.

Properly maintaining and caring for rubber air hoses can prolong their service life. Also, this can ensure safe and secure operation in different applications. If any signs of wear and tear, leakage, and crack are found by regular check, repair or replace the air hoses at once. Besides, clean the rubber air hoses regularly, keep them properly stored, avoid overstretching. Protect them from extreme temperatures.

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