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Steam Hose Manufacturer

Rentone Hose is one of China’s leading steam hose manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. We have several steam hose production lines and skilled engineers and technicians. Rentone Hose has rich experience in this industry. We are known as a reliable steam hose supplier among our global customers.

The steam hoses we can supply various steam hoses. These include flexible steam hoses, steam pressure hoses, high-pressure hoses, low-pressure hoses, and food-grade steam hoses. The steam hoses can be manufactured and customized in different sizes, grades, and types.

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Features of Steam Hoses

  • Sound insulation and sealing properties
  • Highly resistant to steam, heat, high temperature, and pressure
  • Highly durable and flexible EPDM rubber materials
  • Both aesthetically and functionally designed
  • Designed to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature applications
  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear, corrosion, and chemicals

Applications of Steam Hoses

Industrial steam hoses are widely used to transport steam or hot water. Such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, dairy, cosmetics, shipping, etc.

Steam Hose Constructions

  • Inner Tube: Smooth and flexible EPDM, heat and chemical-resistant.
  • Reinforcement Layer: Plies of high-tensile braided cords or steel wires.
  • Outer Cover: EPDM rubber, smooth, or wrapped finish is available.

Types of Steam Pressure Hose

Low-pressure Steam Hose:

  • Standard working temperature: +164 °C (+327.2 °F)
  • Maximum working pressure: 6 bar/87.02 psi

High-pressure Steam Hose:

  • Standard working temperature: +210 °C (+410 °F)
  • Maximum working pressure: 18 bar/261.06 psi

Advantages As A Reliable Steam Hose Manufacturer

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology And Equipment: The company uses advanced manufacturing equipment. We produce high-quality rubber steam hoses that align with industry standards and specifications.
  • Custom Service: We supply custom steam hose services in various sizes, types, and specifications according to customer requirements.
  • Rich Industry Experience: The company has over ten years of experience manufacturing and supplying steam hoses. It enables us to understand the market trend and reach out to target consumers. We can provide high-quality but affordable steam hoses to meet global customer expectations.
  • On-time Delivery: We will arrange production according to customers' orders. At the same time, we will send the finished products to customers via air express as soon as possible. After the goods are shipped, the customer will get a tracking number. They can track every shipment step until the goods are successfully delivered.


The rubber steam hose is designed to convey steam or hot water from one place to other locations. It is commonly used in applications where heating, cleaning, and humidification are required.

The industrial steam hoses are made of flexible EPDM. It has good resistance to heat and pressure.