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PVC Suction Hose Manufacturer

Rentone Hose is one of the leading and reliable PVC suction hose manufacturers in China. We have a complete rubber hose factory. We are equipped with advanced equipment and technology and capable of operating several production lines at the same time. Rentone Hose serves global customers with the best PVC suction hoses at competitive prices and wins a good reputation. For years, Rentone Hose has developed a broad range of PVC hoses in different types and models. We offer customization services for specific customer requirements.

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Features of PVC Suction Hose

  • Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • More lightweight and cost-effective than conventional suction hoses
  • Highly flexible and able to withstand full vacuum applications
  • Reinforced with robust vinyl helix that resists kinking and crushing
  • Good temperature tolerance
  • Easy to handle and maintain

Types of PVC Suction Hose

  • Standard PVC Suction Hose---A versatile option for general-purpose applications.
  • Reinforced PVC Suction Hose---Enhanced with materials like polyester, steel wire, or helix for increased strength.
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Suction Hose---Designed to handle more demanding and abrasive applications.
  • Food-Grade PVC Suction Hose---Certified for safe use with food and beverages.
  • High-Temperature PVC Suction Hose---Suitable for high-temperature applications.

Applications of PVC Suction Hose

PVC suction hoses are recommended for the suction and transfer of liquids, fluids, fuels, and chemicals in numerous applications and industrie. Including agriculture, construction sites, industrial applications, marine, mining, food and beverage, etc.

Our Advantages As A PVC Suction Hose Manufacturer

Complete Manufacturing Equipment

We have advanced PVC suction hose machinery and technology. So our factory can produce high-quality products that are in line with industry standards.

Accept Customization

We offer custom services to customize PVC suction hoses of different types and specifications. Rentone Hose can meet different customer requirements.

Technical Support

A skilled team of technicians and engineers offers professional support for our customers. They can solve product-related questions at any time.

Outstanding Product Quality

Rentone Hose uses superior PVC materials and advanced manufacturing processes. We can ensure that all products manufactured meet or exceed industry standards.


The recommended working temperature for PVC suction hose is from -20℃ to 65.5℃ (-4° F to 150° F).

Regularly check hoses for wear, damage, or leaks, and clean them as needed. Proper storage and handling are also important for extending their lifespan.