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Material Handling Hose Manufacturer

Rentone Hose is recognized as a trustworthy material handling hose manufacturer in China. The company has its own factory equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and highly skilled technicians and engineers to provide the best material handling hoses and customer support for global customers in the industrial sectors. Rentone Hose can also customize material handling hoses in various types, sizes, and specifications according to customer requirements. We are committed to providing our customers with an ideal solution in the material handling industry.

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Features And Benefits of Material Handling Hose

  • Highly durable and robust for longer service life
  • Heavy-duty abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Exceptional electrical conductivity properties
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and high temperature
  • Highly versatile and high-performance systems

Material Handling Hose Construction

  • Inner Tube: PVC or polyurethane
  • Reinforcement Layer: Plies of fabric with wire helix
  • Cover: Black SBR, wrapped surface
  • Working Temperature: -40°F to +140°F (-40℃ - +60℃)

Applications of Material Handling Hose

Rentone’s material handling hoses can offer a perfect solution for heavy-duty applications, such as underground mining applications, construction sites, and transportation of abrasive materials. Material handling hoses are also suitable for many medium-duty applications. Including suction and discharge of dry bulk materials, gravel, sand, concrete, plaster, and other abrasive materials.

Why Choose Us As Your Material Handling Hose Manufacturer

Advanced Equipment

We have our own factory that is equipped with advanced equipment and complete production lines. So we can manufacture high-quality material handling hoses for global customers.

Accept Customization

We can offer customized material handling hose services in different types and sizes to meet different customer specifications.

Professional Customer Support

We have a team of highly skilled customer service staff providing technical support to deal with any problem you may encounter before or after the sale of material handling hoses.

Reliable Quality

Our material handling hoses are known for good quality and competitive pricing. They have been exported to many countries across the globe and won great popularity among our customers.

Quality Control

Our factory has a strict quality control system to ensure that all material handling hoses manufactured are perfectly in line with the industry standards and specifications.

Guaranteed Delivery

After the completion of the order production, we will deliver the finished products to our customers by air express or by sea as early as we can. Once the goods are shipped, we will update the tracking number for our customers to follow every step of the shipment until the goods are successfully delivered on time.


1. Are there different types of material handling hoses?

Yes, there are various types of material handling hoses designed to handle specific materials and applications. The common types used in heavy-duty and medium-duty applications include dry bulk discharge hoses, grain vacuum hoses, cement transfer hoses, etc.

2. How do I select the right material handling hose for my application?

Several factors should be considered when choosing the right material handling hoses, such as the materials being handled, the pressure and temperature requirements, the hose size, and the presence of any abrasive particles. Consulting with a material handling hose expert or the manufacturer is often recommended.