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Chemical Hose Manufacturer

Rentone Hose is one of the leading chemical hose manufacturers in China. As a reliable chemical hose supplier, we can supply premium quality chemical hoses for customers worldwide. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment. We have multiple production lines capable of producing various industrial chemical hoses.

Rentone Hose can manufacture various industrial chemical hoses in different types, sizes, and colors. Our product portfolio includes chemical-resistant hoses, chemical sprayer hoses, chemical transfer hoses, braided chemical hoses, high-pressure chemical hoses, UHMWPE chemical hoses, chemical suction and discharge hoses, and food-grade chemical hoses. We also offer custom chemical hoses tailored for customers with specific requirements.

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Chemical Hose Constructions

  • Inner Tube: Chemical resistant EPDM, smooth finish, black color
  • Reinforcement Layer: Synthetic cord with steel helix embedded
  • Outer Cover: Black EPDM, chemical and weather-resistant
  • Working Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C

Features of Chemical Hoses

  • Exceptional resistance to various chemicals and solvents
  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear, weathering, and UV light
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Excellent flexibility and bending radius
  • Highly durable and flexible
Spray painted rubber hose

Applications of Chemical Hoses

Chemical hoses can suction, discharge, and transfer various aggressive chemicals, abrasive materials, and hazardous substances in industrial applications. They are ideal choices for food and the manufacturing industry, chemical processing plants, etc.

Types of Chemical Resistant Hoses

Chemical hoses can be made in different types. Each is tailored to meet specific requirements and deal with varying types of chemicals. Some common types of industrial chemical hoses are as follows:

  • Chemical Transfer Hoses: They are intended to handle a variety of chemicals and corrosive materials. Chemical transfer hoses can prevent chemical reactions due to their excellent chemical resistance.
  • UHMWPE Chemical Hoses: The chemical hoses are constructed with UHMWPEU (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). They have exceptional resistance to chemicals and wear and tear. They are typically used to convey corrosive chemicals and fluids.
  • PTFE Hoses: These hoses are constructed with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). They have exceptional chemical resistance to withstand corrosive chemicals. PTFE hoses are widely used in pharmaceuticals and food processing industries.
  • Petroleum Hoses: These hoses can handle petroleum products and various chemicals. They are perfect for use in industries and applications involving oil and fuel.

Why Choose Us As Your Chemical Hose Supplier

Sophisticated Technology

The company has introduced advanced manufacturing equipment. We can manufacture top-quality chemical hoses and products to meet specific customer requirements.

Tailored Chemical Hose

We are capable of supplying various chemical hoses in different types and sizes. We can offer custom chemical hoses to meet other specifications.

Excellent Manufacturing Capabilities

The company has experience in the manufacturing and production of various chemical hoses. So, we can supply high-quality, affordable chemical hoses to meet customer expectations.


A chemical hose can deliver various kinds of chemicals, liquids, and solvents safely and efficiently. It is made of flexible EPDM material to ensure no leakage or chemical reactions are caused.

Common uses of inner tube materials of industrial chemical hoses include UHMWPE, PTFE, FEP, and Viton.