Top 10 Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in China

Nowadays, choosing a good quality hydraulic hose takes time and effort. Thousands of local & international manufacturers produce diverse hydraulic hoses of different quality. Among these, finding the right brand and quality is an important step. This guide will be handy if you are looking for suitable hydraulic hose manufacturers in China.

Different statistical divisions rank China as the top global manufacturer. According to US statistics divisions, China accounts for 28.4% of the world’s industrial output. As a result, it boosts the global economy by around $4 trillion in total. Concerning hydraulic hose manufacturing, China has also made a significant reputation. This article will discover China’s ten most dominant hydraulic hose manufacturers. In addition, we will talk about their primary products and services.

Hydraulic Hose Market Trends

According to expert market research, the global hydraulic hose market reached a value of about USD 2.25 billion in 2023. Consequently, the CAGR rate was counted as about 4.35%. In the forecast period of 2024-2032, the hydraulic hose market is expected to reach a value of around 3.31 billion by 2032.

According to their research, the graph for the hydraulic hose market 2024 shows a steady and strong upward trend. Consequently, it will remain favorable through 2032. The top three leading countries in hydraulic hose manufacturing are the USA, Europe, and China.

Dominant Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in China (2024 update)

This section highlights China’s most popular hydraulic hose manufacturers (update 2024). We mainly focused on their ability to produce diverse types of hydraulic hoses. Subsequently, we also considered their product’s reviews and user traffic.

Brand 1: Rentone Hose

Qingdao Rentone Hose Co., Ltd. is one of China’s most professional hydraulic hose manufacturers. The company has 23 years of experience manufacturing high-quality industrial hoses. The company has successfully exported its goods to over 30 countries and won a high reputation. Their headquarters is in Jimo district, Qingdao, China.

Rentone hydraulic hoses come in various shapes, structures, and construction materials. Paint sprayers and hydraulic rubber hoses (SAE & EN series) are noteworthy. The primary materials used for these hoses are synthetic rubber with oil resistance capability. They may have single or multiple braided steel wire layers based on different applications. Rentone hydraulic hoses are famous for their efficient performance and reliable cost.

Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in China

Primary Products:

  1. Hydraulic Hoses
  2. Industrial Hoses: Oil, air, water, steam, chemical, food-grade, welding gas, composite, and SS braided.
  3.  PVC hose: lay-flat discharge hose, reinforced hose, steel wire hose & suction hose
  4.  Automotive rubber hose, dredge hose, hose protection, and fittings & couplings

Brand 2: Orient Flex Hose

Orient Flex started its journey in 2006. With over 15 years of experience, they have become one of China’s leading hydraulic hose manufacturers. This hydraulic hose factory is in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.
Orient Flex hydraulic hoses also come in various shapes and sizes. Although, most of their hydraulic hoses are made of synthetic rubber. SAE series, EN series, spray hose, and micro pressure testing hose are noteworthy.

China hydraulic hose manufacturers

Primary Products:

  1. Hydraulic Hose
  2. Industrial Hose: Air, water, oil, chemical, food-grade, steam, welding, material handling & composite
  3. PVC hose, silicone hose, dredging hose, rubber sheets, hose clamps & couplings
  4. Pneumatic hoses & automotive rubber hoses

Brand 3: Sino Pulse

This hydraulic hose maker was established in 2001. With over 20 years of experience, they have become one of China’s leading hydraulic hose and fittings manufacturers. The hydraulic hose factory is in Handan, Hebei, China.

Sino Pulse hydraulic hose offers two major types: SAE series & EN series. Like rentone hose & Orient Flex Hose, they also provide various shapes & sizes. However, they offer limited types of hydraulic hoses.

China hydraulic hose maker

Main Products:

  1. Hydraulic Hose
  2. Industrial Hose: Welding, oxygen, air & water, fuel oil. LPG, Jackhammer, suction & discharge, and more
  3. Automotive Hose: Air conditioner hose, brake hose & tubing, power steering hose & hose clamps
  4. PVC Hose: reinforced hose, clear hose, garden hose, air hose, spray hose & suction hose

Brand 4: Sunhose

Sunhose is another famous hydraulic hose manufacturer in China. This company typically manufactures different types of hoses for agricultural & marine applications. Their factory is in Weifang, China.

Sunhose generally offers four significant types of Hydraulic hoses: SAE R1AT/1SN & R2AT/2SN, and EN 856 4SP & 4SH. They have a minimal number of hydraulic hoses. Therefore, you may need more options from Sunhose.

Main Products:

  1. Rubber Hose: Hydraulic hose, sewer jetter hose, air hose, fuel & oil and suction hose
  2.  PVC hose: lay-flat hose, reinforced hose, suction hose, pool hose, spray hose, garden hose and more
  3.  Hose clamps & camlock coupling

Brand 5: Qingflex

Qingdao Qingflex hydraulic hose factory established its company in 2008. With only ten years of experience, this company has become one of China’s leading hydraulic hose manufacturers. Their factory is located in Qingdao Coast New Area, China. Concerning hydraulic hoses, they offer a minimal number of options.

Qingflex hydraulic hoses mainly come in three primary forms. These are wrapped cover wire spiral, smooth cover wire braided, and wrapped cover wire braided. Like other brands, these hydraulic hoses are mainly in the SAE and EN series.

hydraulic hose factory

Main Products:

  1. Hydraulic hose
  2.  Oilfield drilling hose
  3.  Acid frac hose
  4.  Industrial hose: air hose, pumping hose, spray hose, steam hose, lay flat hose, suction hose, and more
  5.  Concrete mining hose
  6.  Discharge dredge hose

Brand 6: Kingdaflex

Kingdaflex Industrial has more than 20 years of experience. They have established a long-term relationship with more than 50 countries. Therefore, they have listed themselves as China’s top hydraulic hose manufacturers. This hydraulic hose factory is located in Jinshui Road, Qingdao, China.

There are three major types of hydraulic hose available in the Kingdaflex factory. These are SAE series hoses, DIN EN series hoses, and pressure washer jet hoses. They only offer SAE 100 (R3-R17), DIN EN 856 & 857 models. Therefore, they offer fewer options than Rentone Hose.

hydraulic hose manufacturers

Main Products:

  1. Hydraulic hose
  2.  Industrial hose: oxygen, acetylene, LPG, smooth oil, sandblast hose, suction & discharge and more
  3.  PVC hose: lay flat, steel wire reinforced, suction, air, garden, and clear hose.
  4.  Hose protection equipment

Brand 7: Everflex Rubber Hose

Everflex Rubber Hose company was established in 2009. This hydraulic hose factory has successfully exported its products to more than 42 countries. With only 15 years of experience, this company has listed itself on the list of leading hydraulic manufacturers in China. Their factory is in Licang district, Qingdao, China.

Everflex Rubber Hose offers various types of hydraulic hoses. These are SAE & EN series hoses, concrete placement, paint spray, pressure washers, pressure testing, and brake hoses. They offer a good collection of hydraulic hoses.

Main Products:

  1. Hydraulic hose
  2.  Industrial hose: Air, water, oil, chemical, food-grade, steam, welding, LNG& LPG, silicone and more
  3.  Dredge hose
  4.  Hose couplings, clamps, and protection sleeve

Brand 8: Laike Hydraulics

Ningbo Laike Hydraulic Co., Ltd only specializes in manufacturing hydraulic parts. The company was established in 1995. With over 20 years of experience, the company has gained a significant reputation in international markets. They are regarded as one of the best hydraulic hose manufacturers in China. This hydraulic hose factory is in the Yinzhou district of Ningbo, China.

Laike Hydraulic hoses come in various forms, types, and sizes. Hydraulic hoses of the SAE & EN series, PTFE, and thermoplastic hoses are noteworthy. They offer limited options for hydraulic hoses. Therefore, customers seeking variety may need help finding Laike a suitable place. Laike provides many hose fittings, adapters, couplings, and spare parts.

hydraulic hose manufacturers in China

Main Products:

  1. Hydraulic hose, fittings and adapters
  2. Quick couplings and other spare parts
  3. Crimping machines
  4. Hydraulic steel pipe

Brand 9: Luco Hose

Luco Hose Co., Ltd was founded in 1983. They are now one of the professional hydraulic hose manufacturers in China. They mainly focus on manufacturing hoses for construction and industrial purposes. Luco Hose has two factories in China: One is in Shandong, and the other is in Jiangsu.

Luco Hydraulic hoses usually come in two major series: SAE and EN. They also provide various hydraulic hose system equipment like push-lock hoses & fittings.

Main Products:

  1. Hydraulic hose
  2. Industrial hose: Oil, sandblast, cement delivery, slurry suction & discharge, and chemical hoses
  3. Composite hose
  4. PVC hose: lay-flat discharge hose & fiber-reinforced hose
  5. Special hose: ceramic pipe, water blast hose, grease injection hose, paint spray hose, and rotary drilling hose

Brand 10: Tec Hose

Our final pick is the Tec Hose hose factory in Qingdao, Shandong, China. This factory manufactures hydraulic, industrial, PVC hoses and spare parts.

Like other brands, Tec hydraulic hoses come in two major series, SAE &EN. They also offer hydraulic hoses with thermoplastic construction. They provide a minimal range of options compared to Rentone Hose or Qingflex.

China hydraulic hose manufacturers

Main Products:

  1. Hydraulic hose
  2.  Industrial hose
  3.  PVC hose
  4.  Fire hose


When selecting hydraulic hose manufacturers in China, consider a few factors ahead. First, check for product quality, industry certification, material specifications, and production capabilities. Second, check their product’s adherence to international standards. Third, evaluate their reputation, customer reviews, and track record for timely delivery. Fourth, verify their testing procedures and quality control measures.

When evaluating all these considerations, you can choose the supplier. Rentone Hose is one of the best hydraulic hose manufacturers in China. They follow proper manufacturing standards with sufficient quality control measures. Therefore, Rentone hose products are reliable & efficient for any industrial or hydraulic setting. Contact us for more information.